Private Session Availability

Mondays 9am, 2pm-7pm

Tuesday 2pm-4pm

Wednesday 9am, 10am, 4-7pm

Thursday 9am, 10am, 6pm, 7pm

Saturday 10am-4pm

Contact me to book.



Private lessons and bodywork. Contact me here for availability.


9:30am C2 CorePower Yoga Grand Ave | 6:15pm Yoga Flow at Vertical Endeavors | 7:30 Recover at Vertical Endeavors


2pm C2 at CorePower Yoga Highland Park


4pm C2 CorePower Yoga Highland Park | Private lessons and bodywork. Contact me here for availability.


8am C1.5 CorePower Yoga Grand Ave | 2pm C2 CorePower Yoga Highland Park


9am Vinyasa Flow at Union Depot (Free!) | Contact me to book workshops and events on weekends.


Contact me to book workshops and events on weekends.


Vertical Endeavors- Twin Cities Bouldering

2550 Wabash Ave, St Paul, MN 55114. Prices here.

RECOVER “An excellent counterbalance to the physical and mental intensity of climbing, our Recover class offers space to mellow out and down-regulate your nervous system. You’llexplore passive stretching, restorative shapes, three-dimensional breathing, and simple meditation techniques within a warm and relaxing environment. All levels welcome, no experience required.”

YOGA FLOW “With an updated and contemporary approach to the practice of Vinyasa Yoga Asana (postures), our Yoga Flow format’s been developed with a foundation based in modern biomechanics and exercise science. You can expect to link breath with movement, build warmth and awareness in your body, and refine your own personalized mindfulness practice, while exploring some of the “why” behind the poses. Each class is curated specifically for those present in the space, creating an approachable and accessible dynamic amongst complete beginners and experienced practitioners alike. All levels welcome, no experience required.”

corepower yoga

GRAND AVE: 867 Grand Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55105

HIGHLAND PARK: 680 Cleveland Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55116. prices here.

COREPOWER 1.5 “From challenge comes change. Designed to help you make the transition from a CorePower Yoga 1 to a CorePower Yoga 2 class, this yoga class will fire up your core strength as you practice proper posture alignment, flow through demanding yoga sequences and build heat from within by connecting breath to movement.” (85-90 Degrees, Added Humidity, Beginner Friendly)

COREPOWER 2 “Turn stress into sweat. This signature class strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath. Set to an energizing playlist, you’ll power up your yoga practice like never before.” (95-98 Degrees, Added Humidity, Yoga Experience a Plus)


240 E Kellogg Blvd #70St Paul, MN 55101. FREE!

VINYASA FLOW “Studio 9to5 * is an onsite wellness company committed to bringing health in all forms to communities and businesses. This free class is offered at Union Depot Train Station in Saint Paul, Minnesota every Saturday at 9am. It is open to the public and all levels all the time, but a special intro class the first Saturday of every month. BYOM (bring your own mat) and meet some of your East Side neighbors or check out the Saint Paul Farmer's Market after class!”