Embracing My Basic Bitch

Originally posted to www.emilyroseduea.com on May 31, 2016.

I like sugary, froo-froo coffee drinks.

I have watched all of Sex and the City. 

I have a Pinterest that I primarily use for food and my non-existant wedding. 

I primarily drink cocktails with ridiculous names.

I have taken pictures of my feet on my Instagram. More than once.

I like Adele. And Coldplay.

I can't handle/don't like spicy food. 

I have a blog.

I have a blog.

I have. A blog.

IG Feet

Having a blog is no revolutionary idea. I have many friends who have blogs, blogs about the same things that I will be writing about: yoga (also Basic?), living in the Twin Cities, making art, and traveling as much as I can afford (not much.) I'm not trying to make a big statement or change anybody's life but my own. 

Currently having my ever-so-Basic quarter life crisis. I have a job (well, 3 jobs)  I love, friends that I adore, a supportive family, and yet something is missing. Although you may be tempted to call me an entitled millennial (and don't even get me started on that) I think this pent up energy comes from a rejection of who I am and what I want from life. Which is a lot of Basic things...

Starbucks + misspelled name? #instagramgold

Starbucks + name spelled wrong = #instagramgold

But definitely not all of them. With the constant, ever-expanding definition of Basic and the things that fall into it, the definition becomes more vague. Nearly everyone has one or two Basic things they enjoy. Don't believe me? Buzfeed has over 100 ways to identify how Basic you are. But why? Is this a desire to fit into a category? To re-claim this word? To find community? Maybe. Maybe there are just simple joys that can be just that. 

I have absolutely nothing profound to say about being Basic. I can't write a feminist dissertation on how the patriarchy trivializes feminine past-times, and I don't particularly want to do any research or analysis on Basic-ness. I just want to make it clear. 

I see it. I accept it. I enjoy it. And I suspect you do too. 

Club W

In the article "What's So Wrong with Being Basic"which is your classic, defensive Cosmo, Jennifer Wright puts value on the popularity of Basic as related to financial and social success (I.E Lauren Conrad.) I disagree with this, however. I do not like Basic things because of their popularity, and I suspect many people feel this weird tug-of-war between the guilt of being a stereotype and the actual enjoyment of that thing or activity. You see articles like this one and you want to barf, then a moment later you are posting a #tbt about your #blessed life. So what's the point?

The point is I want to stop being shy about the things I like. I don't want to feel guilty when I say I'm excited for brunch or be embarrassed about the amount of time I spend picking out emojis. I just want to enjoy life! And maybe, just maybe... having a stupid blog will help me do that. 

They may not be on fleek, but those eyebrows are pretty damn good.

In the comments below, share what Basic activities or items you enjoy. Also, is there a difference between being Basic and being a Basic Bitch? Discuss below. 

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