5 Tips if Meditation Is Hard (Newsflash: It Is!)

(Originally posted to Emily Rose's Instagram @namastemilyrose 4.10.2017.)   

(Originally posted to Emily Rose's Instagram @namastemilyrose 4.10.2017.)

Before I dive in to some tricks that have worked for me, I would like to remind you that I am no expert. I'm coming to you as someone still with their meditation training wheels on. So, these tips may help or they may hinder your practice, so take what works and leave the rest. Comment below with your favorite ways to meditate! 

1. Listen to a guided meditation. @chopracenter frequently releases @deepakchopra and @oprah 's 21 day FREE challenges on a variety of topics such as "Hope in Uncertain Times," "Finding Your Flow," and (my favorite) "Miraculous Relationships," and I love these. I've done at least ten to re inspire and refocus my practice in the past. 

2. Having a hard time staying 10 minutes instead of 2? 20 Minutes instead of 5? Put on a face mask! I love @bareminerals Dirty Detox. Your skin (and mind) will thank you. 

3. Have something small to eat beforehand. Meditation is not about suffering, so make yourself comfortable from the inside out. This leads me to...

4. Find a comfortable temperature. Not so cold that you clench and fidget, but not so warm and cozy that you fall asleep. 

5. Last bit about comfort: I LOVE my bolsters and blankets by @mandukayoga . They keep me supported and comfortable even while sitting upright. Don't be afraid to take a few stretches before you hunker down, too. 

The free challenge is in an app or online so stay tuned for their next one and I hope you join me so we can share our experiences and raise feelings of hope everywhere we go! Namaste! 🕉 Need more hell than that? Contact me for a meditation consultation. •
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