5 So So Boring Self Care Tips

(Originally posted to Emily Rose's Instagram @namastemilyrose 7.2.2017.)

(Originally posted to Emily Rose's Instagram @namastemilyrose 7.2.2017.)

A friend asked me "what are you doing to take care of yourself?" Before you tune out thinking that this post is going to be about bubble baths and massages hear me out. The most powerful things I've done recently for my mental health have been embarrassingly mundane and surprisingly hard to do. Hygiene, food, sleep. I am well aware that depression makes even these simple tasks an overwhelming chore so I have certain ways of staying on track. Even if you do not suffer from a mental illness, keep reading for some ways to practice REAL and PRACTICAL self care. 

1. Hydrate- I know I'm terrible at drinking water, so I spent a whopping $2.99 on the WaterMinder app to remind me to drink water periodically, make goals, and check my progress. Maybe pen and paper works better for you, but I love the little alerts and have actually noticed a difference. 💧 

2. Daily habits- Another example of how technology can be your friend: can you think of 6 things you think you should be doing every day but you're not? Brush your teeth, meditate, clean the litter box, you name it. I use the Streaks app (was free when I got it, i think they charge now) and again it gently holds me accountable without anyone else getting up in my business wondering why I can't bring myself to wash my face every day. 🛁

3. Sweat to Shower- On the topic of hygiene: I hate showering. I hate it even when I'm not depressed. No idea why! Maybe because I know for my job I'm just going to get sweaty again? Beats me. But I recommend getting REALLY sweaty almost every day so that you have to shower. This has two benefits: you either have to exercise or go in the summer sun and BOTH of those are incredible for depression and it also makes you less likely to say "I'm not thaaaat dirty, it can wait until tomorrow." It can't wait until tomorrow, you're dripping all over the floor. 🚿

4. Eat something. I'm not saying it has to be good for you, or instagrammable. I'm not saying it even has to be a meal. Just get some sort of food inside of your body. If you're able to make a healthy choice- that's great! Look at how far you've come! If you're not able to make a healthy choice- that's alright too! Better to have a tank with some questionable choices (I'm looking at you, drive through) than an empty one. Nutritionists can fight me* on this one, but I'm just speaking from personal experience. 

5. Unplug- spend 5 minutes (just five!) outside, unplugged. Doesn't matter if you walk or run or sit or breathe just do it daily. Maybe that's a task on your streaks app! We could all use a break from seeing everyone else's highlight reel while our life feels like the credits in a foreign film. 📱

*Please don't fight me. I'm an easy crier and probably am woozy from not eating today. Iced coffee does not a meal make. 

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