What is mesic movement?


Mesic is a botanical term, having to do with environments and plant life. The short answer is that these places act like sponges to store water in such a way that it can be deposited to neighboring habitats as needed.

To us, mesic means sharing our health and wealth with everyone around us, but also knowing when to store some of that for ourselves. It means seeing our community as having many levels, from the people to the neighborhoods, from the cities to the stages, and of course our global communities.

We believe in sharing everything: time, energy, resources, ideas, cups of coffee, laughter, crystals, our favorite Netflix shows to binge, sweatpants, secret beach spots, wait... we’re getting off track. Mesic is generosity. Mesic is in our nΔture.


Movement is shifting perspective, changing bodies, altering mindsets, advancing causes, it’s energy and activity, it’s development, progress, transformation.

At Mesic Movement, we recognize movement of body, mind, and energy, but also the movement of our society and culture, and we believe those things are deeply connected. We wish to move in a more mindful and connected way. Join the movement? 

Personal growth and global healing through soulful justice. Based out of the Twin Cities (that’s Minnesota for you out of towners) we work with individuals and groups to create a ripple effect of mindfulness and healing. We use actions, words, and resources to support causes and companies starting at home and branching outwards to the world. Contact us with some organizations or people who could benefit from a collective. We are in the planting phase, so stay tuned for events and services to come.

Stay tuned...

STAY... Stay awhile! We are still planting our seeds. We are practicing patience because what we are hoping to do at Mesic Movement is going to make a big difference in our communities and souls and we want it to be just right. Our lifestyles are so full of instant gratification and hurrying and moving on to what’s bigger and better so we are excited to consciously and mindfully do the opposite. To stay in this feeling of “about to begin” just a little while longer. Thanks for staying with us.

TUNED... Do you feel tuned in to yourself? To your purpose? To your community? We all have ways of feeling connected to ourselves. It might look like self care in the form of a yoga practice, journaling, or therapy. Our purpose can be a little bit trickier, often distorted by our fears or external expectations. Is tuning into your community possible? Do you know who they are, where they are, and what they need? At Mesic Movement, we are constantly exploring what it means to do what is best for ourselves while simultaneously helping others. Stay tuned for ways of finding personal growth and global healing through soulful justice.


Who is this face all over your website? 


Ah, yeah. That's me- Emily Rose Duea. I'm the founder of Mesic Movement. Until YOU get involved, you're going to see and hear a lot from me. Join us so that isn't the case! Less ME more WE! 

You can find me on instagram: @emilyrose_yoga 

Ps. My friend said I look like Jonathan Van Ness in this photo and I have never received a better compliment so, enjoy. 


Emily Rose

After stepping onto the mat in 2004, Emily Rose has been no stranger to the mentally, physically, and spiritually healing powers of yoga. Emily Rose has shared her love of teaching yoga internationally in China, France, Senegal, and Italy. She is thrilled to be back in the Minnesota Yoga community and is ready to share intuitive and fun classes with her students. When not climbing or with her nose in a book, Emily Rose loves going to coffee shops and doing theatre around the twin cities. Emily Rose is so thankful to all of her teachers from Power Yoga (1 and 2), Yin Yoga (1 and 2), Yoga Sculpt, Chair Yoga, Kid's Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Thai Yoga Bodywork Teacher Trainings and every student she meets who encourages her to keep learning.

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